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Commonly Asked Questions About the Construction Process

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

There is a number of commonly asked questions we get all the time. In this blog post we’ll share the answers.

At what stage should I involve a builder?

Many builders will only be engaged once consented plans have been issued. Farrell Build take a more hands on approach. We like to get involved early in the design process.

Providing you with a basic outlining of costs for your concept ideas and advising you on what will fit into your budget. We will continue to work closely alongside you and your architect, making sure your ideas and budget are made a priority.

Does my project require a consent?

As a general rule, a building consent is required whenever:

  1. There is structural work involved (e.g. removing load-bearing wall).

  2. The basic living area (square meterage) of the home is to be changed.

  3. The home’s mechanical systems (e.g. gas, electrical or plumbing) are to be reconfigured or otherwise modified.

As a rule, you should always request that your qualified builder obtain the building consent. This is because the person who request’s the consent is considered liable for ensuring that all completed work complies with the regional and local building codes

How do I ensure my project stays within my budget?

The only way to make certain that your project stays within your desired budget is to enter a fixed price contract with your builder. This ensures that the price presented is not able to grow and cause a “budget blow out”.

Be sure to discuss the key building elements that you may be likely to overspend on. For example, kitchens, bathroom fittings and floor coverings can end up costing much more than what the builder has allowed for depending on what you choose.

Other things to be aware of that are often not included in a fixed price quote are landscaping, fencing, outdoor living areas, curtains and blinds. All these things can add up very quickly and add a substantial extra cost to your build. To put it simply, it pays to not rush into your build and make sure you have everything covered during the planning process.

Do I need to supply my own sub-contractors?

Some construction companies may not always be able to offer you the full range of sub-contractors required to complete your job. Farrell Build however have an experienced team of professional sub-contractors at their disposal.

They include:

  • Plumber/Gas fitters

  • Electricians

  • Roofers

  • Painters

  • Plasterers

  • Tilers

I am looking for more space at home, should I renovate/extend my existing home or build new?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question. Here are some things you may want to consider when making your decision.

  1. Area: Is your existing home located somewhere which is well suited to our lifestyle? Is it located in an area which is growing and expanding with things such as schools and shopping centres? This can lead to increased property value over time.

  2. Age: If your existing property is an older home and requires a substantial amount of remedial work, it will most likely be more cost effective to build new. It can also be challenging to achieve an effective energy efficient home when renovating older homes.

  3. Land Area: You may not realise it but your existing property could be a “gold mine”. With so much subdividing and property developing it may be hard to find land the same size as what you have.

Luckily, whatever option you decide on, Farrell Build have you covered. We have over 30 years experience both building beautiful new homes and executing seamless renovations.

Still can’t find the answer you are looking for?

Simply contact us with your questions and we will be in touch shortly with an answer.


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