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How to Choose Your Builder

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

While cost is certainly a deciding factor, there are other things to look out for, too. In this blog post, we'll share what those are so you can make an informed decision.

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When beginning any construction project, it is vital to find a builder/main contractor that is well suited to you. It is worth spending plenty of time getting this decision right as it will set the standard for which your project is to be completed to. While the quoted cost can and should be the most significant factor in deciding, it should not be the only one. Here are some tips and pointers in what to look for in your builder.


Does the builder have the necessary building experience to complete your project to a high standard?

  • For example, if you are building a high-end architectural home, be sure they are well versed in this field.

  • Ask to see previous records of work/testimonials.

  • Make sure they are a licensed Building practitioner. This can give you confidence that they have a substantial amount of construction experience.


Does the builder have a wide range of construction resources at their disposal to benefit your build?

  • Are they able to quote and supply materials at a competitive rate?

  • They should have a competent highly skilled team of sub-contractors who work alongside them to deliver fast results.

  • Do they have adequate staff to undertake your building project?

  • Make sure to explore what specific skills they can offer. i.e. installing specific architectural linings, such as finishing ply.


Is the builder able to communicate clearly and effectively between client, contractors, and suppliers?

  • The main contractor should be able to relay information clearly and quickly between the large amount of parties involved in the construction process.

  • You should feel comfortable to approach your builder at any time with any questions or potential amendments to your build.

  • The communication between you and your builder should be very clear and transparent form the very beginning to avoid any chance of misinterpretation.

  • The builder should possess all the necessary means to keep the chain of communication efficient, i.e. reliable email and mobile contact.


Is the builder capable or managing people and products involved in your construction process?

  • They need to be confident in dealing with and organising multiple contractors to meet all their needs.

  • Make sure the builder appears personable and “people friendly” as this will make it much easier for everyone to be on the same page.

  • They need to provide proof that they can manage multiple tasks at once throughout your build. Making sure they are completed on time.

  • They need to be able to set and meet deadlines on time.

Ready to choose your builder?

Now you have read all the information above and are feeling much more informed, it is time to choose your builder. The team at Farrell Build possess all the skills to tick those boxes.

Our number one goal as a construction company in Christchurch is to deliver you a seamless, stress-free building experience. We strive to meet all your needs to the highest standard.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any further building advise or a free no obligation quote.


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